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Page Updated: 18/10/2021



Organisation: CCBED
Local Authority: Bristol City Council
Suitable for: All ages

Develop the skills you need for gaining employment or becoming self-employed.

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More about the role

What will I be doing?

o Currently run as a 3-session online course, this level 1 (below GCSE level) course will help you develop skills that can be transferred into self-employment and/or into the workplace as an employee. When you complete this programme, you can progress onto a level 2 course (GCSE equivalent) to increase your skills and abilities.

Who is this opportunity suitable for?

Someone who is interested in starting their own business.

What age is this suitable for?

All ages

Education & skill required?

No formal qualification necessary

Start date and time

11/11/21 at 9.30am to 1.45pm, Thurs and Fri mornings

About the organisation

Who we are

Centre for Capacity Building and Enterprise Development


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