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Our Employment Navigators

Our Employment Navigators

A female employment navigator sat in an office talking to another person
Gavin Salter - Employment Navigator


Favourite quote – ‘Treat others as you want to be treated yourself’

I have worked directly with young people since 1992 and I struggle seeing myself ever working in a job where I’m not helping people and offering advice so that they can make better life decisions for themselves.
I was a Careers Adviser for 18 years working in Cornwall and Somerset, working across the whole range of advisory work – mainstream schools and colleges, 6th Forms, Higher education, Adults and SEND work.

My last two jobs have been specifically SEND focussed. I worked for Somerset Council writing Education Health & Care Plans and until recently I was employed at an Autism specialist college. I was a careers adviser, but I primarily found students extended work experience placements with employers in Somerset, Wiltshire and BANES. I got great satisfaction in matching student interests to a really supportive employer.

Away from work, I am a family man with a wonderful wife and two children. I enjoy spending as much time as I can with them, hiking, wildlife watching and sea swimming. I'm a huge sports fan, particularly of cricket and enjoy helping to coach my son's Under 10 football team.

Jodie - Employment Support Navigator


I’ve been working in welfare to work for the last ten years. The thing I love most about my job is supporting people to reach their goals. I like helping people to find their skills, develop new ones and gain self-confidence.

Favourite quote is “Be the change you want to see in the world.

In my spare time I like spending time in nature, playing video games and writing short stories.



Hi, my name is Mia and I am a Career Navigator for South Gloucestershire, and part of the WE Work for Everyone team. Prior to this role I worked as an SEN Teaching Assistant and a tutor, and have an interest in supporting people with learning difficulties and autism, as well as mental health issues.

Like the other members of this team, I am motivated by helping others achieve their potential, and enjoy working for an organisation that supports those with barriers to build their confidence, discover their strengths, and find fulfilling employment.

My favourite part of my job is talking with the individuals on my caseload, and over time seeing their confidence grow as we work towards discovering and achieving their goals.

It can sometimes seem like slow progress, but once you stop to reflect, it is always impressive how far people come with the right support.

When I’m not working  I love making and playing music, learning about nature, and practising Muay Thai.

Lucy Huke


I started my career in Social Services, working in youth offending, Education and Housing for 20 years. I moved into education 10 years ago supporting young people with SEND, in all aspects of their learning journey.

I am passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion for all and as an Employment Navigator we will work jointly to dismantle the barriers to seeking sustainable employment. Focusing on people's strengths and abilities. I believe everyone can reach their full potential.

Nina - Employment Navigator Profile Picture


Hello, I am an Employment Navigator based in North Somerset and I have worked as an Autism Employment specialist in the FE sector for several years. I have delivered employment sessions covering content such CV’s, interview techniques, communication and many more. In North Somerset I have worked in partnership with a large network of inclusive employers based in a variety of sectors. I have a person-centred approach and will support you to overcome any barriers or anxieties surrounding employment.

We will work together to focus on your strengths and abilities so that you can reach your full potential and get you started on the next stage of your job journey.

Scot Benby


Hello, I am an Employment Navigator based in Bath.

I have worked for the Council for several years, helping to support individuals from vulnerable groups and varying different backgrounds in and around Bristol and Bath. I also have previous voluntary experience in mentoring young offenders. More recently, my work has developed into a job coaching/employment support role in which I can offer guidance in CV writing, cover letter and personal statement writing, job applications and interviews.

I enjoy working 1-to-1 with individuals, dedicating my time and efforts to their specific needs. I particularly enjoy helping individuals to realise their potential and capacity to progress.
In my spare time, I like reading, long walks, gaming, TV & film and spending time with family and friends.”

Aimee Profile


I have been in the welfare to work industry for a number of years now and I enjoy helping people in my community gain confidence and achieve their goals. Along with my work as an Employment Navigator I am very passionate about sport. Formerly I was a competitive Powerlifter, currently you’ll probably find me on a football pitch; I play in the Somerset County League and Coach at a Regional Talent Centre and a Football Foundation providing football to those who historically have not had equal access to the game.

Lucy Profile


I started working within education 6 years ago and am a qualified EFL teacher. I supported young people with a learning difficulty and worked closely with their families to best support them. I have an arts background, so I like to think of new ideas to make the work place a welcoming and nurturing environment.

I am passionate about every person having equal opportunities. I strive for equality and inclusivity for every individual I work with. I want to see a society where everyone gets a chance to participate and feel included in all aspects of work life. In my free time, I volunteer for ACORN community union, making art, playing piano and go on bike rides.

Abi - Employment Support Navigator


I started my career as a support worker in learning difficulty services and have since worked in community arts, mental health, and drug and alcohol services.

I have an older sister with Down’s syndrome and I’m passionate about the rights of people with a learning difficulty.

I like to focus on people’s skills, strengths and capabilities. I’m always interested to hear what the people I support are passionate about.

I enjoy listening to music, making art and spending time in nature.

Jolene - Employment Support Navigator


I have supported adults with autism for 8 years, as well as working in coffee shops and restaurants.

I like meeting new people and feel confident in my ability to make others feel comfortable and listened to, In my spare time I like to bake cakes and go for long walks in the countryside.

Matt - Employment Support Navigator


Before I became an Employment Navigator, I supported adults with autism and learning difficulties in residential settings and day services including employment support.

I like seeing people realise their full potential.

In my spare time I like to make music, play nerdy card games, hang out with animals and my loved ones and spend time in nature.

Michelle - Employment Support Navigator.jpg


My name is Michelle, I am a Career Navigator for South Gloucestershire Council’s service We work for everyone.

I have always enjoyed working with people in many capacities. I have worked in mental health and special needs services in a variety of roles, most notably in rehabilitation, crisis, assessment and recovery.
I have also worked as a professional photographer, trainer in photography, nail artist, 1st aid and AED trainer and I always return to working with people because that is where I find more meaning and fulfilment.

This service offers some of the most vulnerable of us the opportunity to explore our goals and achieve them, that is a journey I want to be a part of. I am also a part time student, avid book reader, gamer and general animal lover.

Nikki Banes image (1)


Hi, I am a navigator for Bath and North East Somerset Council. I started my career in admin and finance and being a PA. Through events in my life and bringing up my children I felt that I would like to help and support people with Learning Difficulties.

I am a trained Mental Health First Aider and alongside working for WWFE I am a Supported Employment Job Coach for Banes, working with and supporting ex Project Search Students who have become Banes Employees.

Its amazing to be able to support people into new opportunities in their lives. Please sign up to WWFE and receive the support you deserve.