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Expanding the WE Work Toolkit Part 1: The DNA-V model – A card pack for using ACT with young people.

May 13, 2024

WE Work for Everyone Navigator Eira discusses a recent training session, delivered by “the brilliant 1625 Independent People” on an innovative coaching approach  –  the DNA-V model. 

Eira says “the DNA-V model greatly improves support for individuals facing challenges in finding employment. The new approach emphasises value driven goals and achievable work targets that increase job satisfaction and overall well-being for our participants.”

“The DNA-V model, which is rooted in scientific research, focuses on growth rather than problems by using four key psychological processes: Discoverer, Noticer, Advisor, and Values. This method aids participants in managing their thoughts and emotions effectively, helping them secure and maintain fulfilling jobs.”

WE Work for Everyone Employment Navigators use a range of tools and approaches to explore participant skills and goals for work. Access to a new model allows the team to apply a different approach to meet participant needs.  It ensures discussions are not just about finding a job quickly but also about long-term personal and professional development, thereby aligning with the programmes focus on engagement and progression towards paid employment.

Eira continues “by using the DNA-V model, we help participants align their jobs with their values, leading to more rewarding and lasting employment!”

“Integrating the DNA-V model helps participants explore various career paths with the Discoverer, gauge their skills and readiness with the Noticer, tackle challenges with the Advisor, and align their work with their values through the Values process. This comprehensive support system empowers them to achieve more in their careers and lives.”

Read more about the model here DNA-V Model of Psychological Flexibility | DNA-V International (dnav.international)

Eira Marasco is an Employment Navigator covering the Bristol area.